Pineapple Small RNA Library Information

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Code Title Technology Total
Len. of
Len. of
Pn_Gr10am_1 10am, green tip, rep 1SBS6,627,0904,659,017956,97707M3418
Pn_Gr10am_2 10am, green tip, rep 2SBS2,692,7631,865,825284,49807M3418
Pn_Gr10am_3 10am, green tip, rep 3SBS7,629,5075,689,286927,68007M3418
Pn_GrNoon_1 noon, green tip, rep 1SBS2,765,9461,956,323498,58107M3418
Pn_GrNoon_2 noon, green tip, rep 2SBS10,772,7277,445,023795,45907M3418
Pn_GrNoon_3 noon, green tip, rep 3SBS7,716,4325,756,869936,97007M3418
Pn_Gr1pm_1 1pm, green tip, rep 1SBS5,320,6523,687,453805,25507M3418
Pn_Gr1pm_2 1pm, green tip, rep 2SBS10,972,7907,666,515758,46507M3418
Pn_Gr1pm_3 1pm, green tip, rep 3SBS8,232,9356,159,6021,047,17307M3418
Pn_Gr3pm_1 3pm, green tip, repl 1SBS2,985,7712,106,296511,00607M3418
Pn_Gr3pm_2 3pm, green tip, repl 2SBS9,281,6126,504,465759,18607M3418
Pn_Gr3pm_3 3pm, green tip, repl 3SBS10,175,4687,780,2751,204,79007M3418
Pn_Gr4pm_1 4pm, green tip, rep 1SBS3,513,1562,483,210585,94707M3418
Pn_Gr4pm_2 4pm, green tip, rep 2SBS8,265,1805,657,229653,71107M3418
Pn_Gr4pm_3 4pm, green tip, rep 3SBS6,728,9905,045,511911,12407M3418
Pn_Gr6pm_1 6pm, green tip, rep 1SBS4,608,1543,239,387783,35907M3418
Pn_Gr6pm_2 6pm, green tip, rep 2SBS10,744,2107,621,528753,62507M3418
Pn_Gr6pm_3 6pm, green tip, rep 3SBS19,383,29014,482,8822,056,86007M3418
Pn_Gr8pm_1 8pm, green tip, rep 1SBS3,571,4652,503,533606,88907M3418
Pn_Gr8pm_2 8pm, green tip, rep 2SBS7,516,5225,226,980568,78507M3418
Pn_Gr8pm_3 8pm, green tip, rep 3SBS7,804,8275,837,3611,003,24707M3418
Pn_Gr10pm_1 10pm, green tip, rep 1SBS2,435,0351,704,126430,38907M3418
Pn_Gr10pm_2 10pm, green tip, rep 2SBS5,814,1573,519,265965,87407M3418
Pn_Gr10pm_3 10pm, green tip, rep 3SBS9,870,9917,350,0061,207,24307M3418
Pn_GrMid_1 Mid, green tip, rep 1SBS8,370,5385,795,9311,256,88307M3418
Pn_GrMid_2 Mid, green tip, rep 2SBS5,410,7153,263,532851,14007M3418
Pn_GrMid_3 Mid, green tip, rep 3SBS7,346,0915,465,843921,90607M3418
Pn_Gr2am_1 2am, green tip, rep 1SBS6,569,8614,568,4831,036,17107M3418
Pn_Gr2am_2 2am, green tip, rep 2SBS9,068,7675,444,4611,443,80007M3418
Pn_Gr2am_3 2am, green tip, rep 3SBS7,733,6775,781,332968,34207M3418
Pn_Gr4am_1 4am, green tip, rep 1SBS3,030,7412,098,271527,25507M3418
Pn_Gr4am_2 4am, green tip, rep 2SBS7,686,6994,563,3091,193,20407M3418
Pn_Gr4am_3 4am, green tip, rep 3SBS6,078,1394,510,218797,13907M3418
Pn_Gr6am_1 6am, green tip, rep 1SBS7,191,0484,955,2051,119,18407M3418
Pn_Gr6am_2 6am, green tip, rep 2SBS10,153,0716,010,9561,492,86907M3418
Pn_Gr6am_3 6am, green tip, rep 3SBS5,334,2703,951,720708,49607M3418
Pn_Gr8am_1 8am, green tip, rep 1SBS5,329,8973,753,714879,48707M3418
Pn_Gr8am_2 8am, green tip, rep 2SBS8,151,8933,744,935972,49107M3418
Pn_Gr8am_3 8am, green tip, rep 3SBS8,066,7345,986,650938,62107M3418
Pn_Wh10am_1 10am, white base, rep 1SBS13,390,5728,417,1132,958,12707M3418
Pn_Wh10am_2 10am, white base, rep 2SBS22,800,67013,227,0504,070,86707M3418
Pn_WhNoon_1 noon, white base, rep 1SBS14,002,3629,138,2323,030,79607M3418
Pn_WhNoon_2 noon, white base, rep 2SBS15,606,4918,755,5663,160,88107M3418
Pn_Wh1pm_1 1pm, white base, rep 1SBS11,154,9026,951,8402,483,63507M3418
Pn_Wh1pm_2 1pm, white base, rep 2SBS19,414,53412,241,1373,863,86707M3418
Pn_Wh3pm_1 3pm, white base, rep 1SBS16,396,50310,775,8553,610,27007M3418
Pn_Wh3pm_2 3pm, white base, rep 2SBS17,584,19310,380,4353,274,01307M3418
Pn_Wh4pm_1 4pm, white base, rep 1SBS16,692,91711,020,9183,752,63407M3418
Pn_Wh4pm_2 4pm, white base, rep 2SBS15,372,7409,423,7373,133,57907M3418
Pn_Wh6pm_1 6pm, white base, rep 1SBS12,805,6238,060,8162,774,54807M3418
Pn_Wh6pm_2 6pm, white base, rep 2SBS12,219,5367,011,3192,176,49907M3418
Pn_Wh8pm_1 8pm, white base, rep 1SBS18,489,44911,744,7893,623,54207M3418
Pn_Wh8pm_2 8pm, white base, rep 2SBS17,994,5179,892,4202,787,00707M3418
Pn_Wh10pm_1 10pm, white base, rep 1SBS15,082,2189,951,7813,209,44307M3418
Pn_Wh10pm_2 10pm, white base, rep 2SBS14,559,8208,122,3432,449,73607M3418
Pn_WhMid_1 Mid, white base, rep 1SBS13,920,1358,674,2072,773,46507M3418
Pn_WhMid_2 Mid, white base, rep 2SBS14,058,0837,790,3981,930,81207M3418
Pn_Wh2am_1 2am, white base, rep 1SBS17,337,96810,654,5293,431,07007M3418
Pn_Wh2am_2 2am, white base, rep 2SBS16,879,2939,330,4272,541,92307M3418
Pn_Wh4am_1 4am, white base, rep 1SBS18,148,64210,048,8623,343,79107M3418
Pn_Wh4am_2 4am, white base, rep 2SBS3,569,1901,903,566409,66907M3418
Pn_Wh6am_1 6am, white base, rep 1SBS18,096,85211,674,1773,913,19107M3418
Pn_Wh6am_2 6am, white base, rep 2SBS7,375,8093,686,915866,35807M3418
Pn_Wh8am_1 8am, white base, rep 1SBS14,423,2269,085,3813,109,92507M3418
Pn_Wh8am_2 8am, white base, rep 2SBS18,066,7048,586,2442,610,60607M3418

* Does not include the data listed in the column "t/r/sn/snoRNA Matched Reads".