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Annotated species Litchi chinensis Annotation built on South China Agricultural University 1 Total number of genes 65,077
Library type PARE Total bp in genome 1,052,920,236 Protein coding 65,077
Total number of libraries 1 Total chrs or contigs 671,271 Transposon related 0

The litchi PARE data on this site comes from libraries developed by collaborators at South China Agricultural University and available as GEO DataSet GSE98698. This dataset includes small RNA, PARE and RNA-seq data from a variety of stages and tissues of litchi. The initial set of libraries were published by Xia et al. New Phytologist (2017) doi: 10.1111/nph.14934.

Some data contributed by: Rui Xia (South China Agricultural University), Jianguo Li (South China Agricultural University).

Access to this web site and the data contained herein are provided for research purposes only. No commercial rights of any nature are granted.

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