About Next-Gen Sequence Databases

The database and the web pages that you see were produced by the Meyers lab at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center. These data are freely available, but we ask that you cite this web page or related publications; most libraries have been published as part of specific papers, but the best general citation for the website is Nakano et al. (2006) NAR 34 (Database issue):D731-5. We would also like to know that you have found our data to be useful, so please if you use data from this page. Please note, however, that the availability of this data and information does not constitute scientific publication; we request that you respect our right to publish on the complete data sets.

Listed below are the different data sets that we have generated and the sites that we have developed for accessing these data.

SBS Databases
Organism small RNA DBs RNA-seq DBs PARE DBs mRNA DGE DBs MethylC-seq DBs ChIP DBs
Mouseover each database type in the header row to display its description.
Ae_tauschii logo Ae tauschii  link   link - 2 
Amborella logo Amborella  link   link 
Apple logo Apple  link 
Arabidopsis logo Arabidopsis  link   link - 2   link - 3   link - EV   link - hen1   link   link   link 
Asparagus logo Asparagus  link   link 
Brachypodium logo Brachypodium  link   link - 2   link   link - 2 
Cassava logo Cassava  link 
Chicken logo Chicken  link 
Common_bean logo Common bean  link 
Grape logo Grape  link - Atlas   link - GxE 
Lettuce logo Lettuce  link   link 
Litchi logo Litchi  link 
Magnaporthe logo Magnaporthe  link   link 
Maize logo Maize  link   link - 2   link - 3   link - dcl5   link   link - 2   link - 3   link - 4   link - dcl5   link 
Medicago logo Medicago  link   link - 2   link 
Mimulus logo Mimulus  link 
Orange logo Orange  link 
Papaya logo Papaya  link 
Peach logo Peach  link 
Petunia_axillaris logo Petunia axillaris  link 
Petunia_inflata logo Petunia inflata  link 
Poplar logo Poplar  link 
Potato logo Potato  link   link 
Rice logo Rice  link   link - 2   link - 3   link - 4   link   link   link   link   link 
Rice_glab logo Rice glab  link   link 
Soybean logo Soybean  link   link - USB   link   link - USB   link - USB 
Spirodela logo Spirodela  link   link 
Strawberry logo Strawberry  link 
Tomato logo Tomato  link 
Ustilago logo Ustilago  link 
Wheat logo Wheat  link   link 

MPSS Databases
Organism small RNA & mRNA DGE DBs mRNA DGE DBs
The data in these databases are from an obsolete technology.
Arabidopsis logo Arabidopsis  link   link  
Magnaporthe logo Magnaporthe    link 
Rice logo Rice  link   
Rice Indica logo Rice Indica    link 
Grape logo Grape    link